Bella Donna Butter

Kalola Botanicals

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Use daily as a nightly routine for deep nourishing moisturizing of the skin.

The moisturizing miracle of beeswax is combined with over 50% rare nourishing oils, aromatic, healing botanical's and protective anti-oxidants. This unique synergy penetrates the skin to magically soften and protect, as it replenishes lost moisture and promotes resiliency. Leaves the skin luxuriously moisturized and the senses recharged.

Bella Donna is a soft floral reminiscent of the blossom-filled air after a spring rain. Custom blended with subtle notes of gardenia, rose, and peony followed by with a hint of Jasmine.

If the scent memory of springtime blossoms beckon to you, Life may be telling you to get outside and enjoy yourself, take an unplanned vacation, trust in romance or just to nurture your heart.

The ingredients in Bella Donna are known to strengthen and balance the Heart and Throat Chakras.

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