Why Should You Should Switch To A Natural Deodorant?

by Carol Barrett September 25, 2018

Why Should You Should Switch To A Natural Deodorant?

Whether you’re out and about or working in a hot office, sweating can make you feel out-of-control. Nobody wants to get caught with sweating or body odor, but the dangers of antiperspirants are becoming more apparent.

Many conventional deodorants contain parabens, triclosan, and aluminum which may be harmful to your health. Instead of coating your body with chemicals, try a natural way. Here are six reasons why you should make the switch to natural deodorant:

  1. Natural aroma: Unlike many natural deodorants that use essential oils to add an aroma to products, many conventional deodorants use fragrances. A blanket term for a range of chemicals, “fragrances” can cause allergies, organ system toxicity and irritation.
  2. No yellow stains: The aluminum in some deodorants can cause the underarm fabric on your clothes to turn yellow after prolonged use. Natural deodorants should wash out easily.
  3. Cruelty-free: Because many of the ingredients lack synthetic chemicals, natural deodorants are typically not tested on animals. Be sure to double-check each company you’re buying from to make sure they are committed to cruelty-free production.
  4. Less underarm irritation: While many conventional deodorants can clog your pores and cause discomfort, natural deodorant can make your skin softer and smoother.
  5. Essential oils: Our customers love our superior aroma of essential oils, compared to fragrance oils. Essential oils have rich aromas that cannot be replicated synthetically.
  6. Detox: Instead of conventional deodorants clogging your pores to prevent sweating, natural deodorants allow some perspiration so your body can get rid of toxins.

Carol Barrett
Carol Barrett


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