Our Story

The Body Bar is a Collingwood-based health and wellness company founded in 2006 as a modern-day apothecary. We started with natural skin care while dealing with sensitive skin ourselves. Using ingredients like cucumber, aloe vera, chamomile and green tea extract that calm and nourish the skin while not interrupting the skin's natural pH balance. We found so many other people dealing with a similar issue: finding a genuinely gentle but effective natural skincare line with integrity. We believe that if the product is not for you, you can bring it back. We never want to be one of those products collecting dust in the cabinet because it's not a right fit for your skin. We've been there ourselves, so we understand the importance of being confident in the product you are using.

We then moved into body care and aromatherapy with naturally focused, remedy-based products. We thoughtfully create and infuse our products with botanicals, essential oils and herbs that soothe and enhance your skin's natural appearance. Our aromatherapy touches on different ailments, from calming stress & anxiety to soothing pain and inflammation and so much more.

At The Body Bar, we seek a balance between functionality and indulgence throughout our entire product lines. We love to dream, develop and hand-assemble exquisite products that bring delight with every use. Our products range from whimsical, nostalgic, practical, and giftable, including only the best naturally derived ingredients.

An original and inviting experience The Body Bar's commitment is to go above and beyond our customer's expectations and to make sure every moment spent with them is inviting, informative and memorable. These values are part of everything we do. They are the measure of success today and for our future. As a company and family, we take pride in working together for each other and our customers.