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With passion, creativity & love Kalola Botanicals line includes delightful and dreamy products for the face, body, the home and the soul.Our approach to skin care is based on the no-nonsense idea that clients want to experience great skin and 'results' in their treatments. Kalola Botanicals is a holistic skin care line that does not use: mineral oils, lanolin or artificial colours in any of our products.

Whether you choose to visit our spa and have our skin care specialist perform all of your treatments, purchase products from our retail store or online, you will receive all the benefits of botanical and environmentally friendly products that utilize only the purest ingredients.
 At The Shop Barber and Brand we unite the past with the future to bring our customers a melding of tradition with trend.Back in the day the barbershop was a hub of the community, a place where men hung out and had real conversations about real issues. 
Our goal is once again establish the barbershop as a safe house for men to gather and enjoy a conversation that matters... Or one that doesn't.