Ambassadors Program Terms & Conditions



The Body by Kalola Botanicals Ambassador Program Terms & Conditions

October 7, 2019

DISCOUNT VIOLATIONS: An Ambassador will be given a variety of discount codes including personal discount codes. ALL DISCOUNTS, PERSONAL OR SHAREABLE, ARE VALID ONLINE ONLY. Any personal discount codes are not to be used by anyone other than that ambassador who has been assigned the specific code(s). Personal discount code(s) cannot be paired with other promotions. All initial personal discount codes require a minimum order total that is subject to change, without notification. The Ambasador who is assigned to distribute a Shareable Discount Code will NOT BE ALLOWED, under any circumstance, to use the shareable discount code for personal orders. If this occurs, the Ambassador understands that by using the discount code assigned them, for the purpose of distribution, not personal use, they hereby waive their rewards both pending as well as given. This includes but is not limited to, pending money transfers, product rewards, discounts and exclusive offers. Kalola Botanicals reserves the right to terminate an individual from participating in the Ambassador program further, if there is a violation. No cash or product rewards will be given to them for the payout period in which there was a violation, including any previous payments or rewards that have not been accepted by theAmbassador in question. Once an Ambassadors initial personal discount code has been used and or expired, the Ambassadors may only use their 25% personal discount code for personal orders, or no discount code at all.

COMPLIANCE: By using this site – www.Kalola - and any sub-pages, links, or social media linked to or used in relation to Kalola Botanicals, you hereby acknowledge and state that you are 19 years of age or older, or that you are the legal age in your jurisdiction. If you are not 19 years of age or older, and if you do not fall under the legal requirements for your jurisdiction, you must not use this program, unless you are using it under the consent and or supervision of a guardian and or parent. If you are under the age of 19 years, and or you do not qualify due to your jurisdiction age requirements, and you are using this site and or program under the consent and supervision of a guardian and or parent, this guardian and or parent hereby accepts all terms and conditions stated in this agreement, and therefore by allowing you to use this program they are accepting all potential legal liability he or she may incur. If an individual is found not to be of legal age (19 years old) or is under the legal age in their jurisdiction, and are not participating under a guardian or parent’s consent, the individual’s participation will be terminated immediately by Kalola Botanicals upon learning of this, and any rewards given and or pending will be voided. This will include, but not limited to, cash, gift cards, and free product.

REWARDS: Rewards given, including but not limited to, cash, gift cards, and free product are understood to be given as gifts, not as guaranteed rewards. ALL rewards offered, advertised and or given by Kalola Botanicals, through the Ambassador PROGRAM are to be seen as gifts, from the company to the participating individual(s) and legally eligible participants, who abide and acknowledge all terms and conditions, and therefore understand that rewards ARE NOT guaranteed or owed to the individual participating or their guardian and or parent, or any third party. Kalola Botanicals reserves the right to not grant the distribution of rewards to an active and or non-active participant at anytime, with or without reason. By signing up for Kalola Botanicals Ambassador PROGRAM, you hereby acknowledge that any rewards advertised and or implied are not guaranteed, and when they are given, the time frame is to be determined by Kalola Botanicals. Also, the totals that are gifted are not required to be explained to the participating individual. The total revenue collected by discount codes are the property of Kalola Botanicals Inc. The code(s) and revenue generated may or may not influence the quality of the rewards given, if rewards are chosen to be gifted. The totals generated from discount code(s) are the property of Kalola Botanicals only and Kalola Botanicals. reserves the right to not disclose this information with any participants and or third parties. By signing up for this Ambassador program, you hereby acknowledge these terms and agree to them.

CODE OF CONDUCT: Kalola Botanicals is dedicated to creating a positive atmosphere both in store and online, therefore when an individual signs up to become an Ambassador of Kalola Botanicals they agree to abide by the regulations that all Kalola Botanicals employees abide by. All spoken, verbal, and otherwise recorded posts and texts must abide by language that is not considered, by the discretion of Kalola Botanicals Inc., to be negative, offensive, slanderous, and/or bullying in any way. When Kalola Botanicals is tagged in social media, or other platforms, by participants, there must not be any language that is seen, again by the discretion of Kalola Botanicals Inc., to be negative, offensive, slanderous, and/or bullying in any way. ALL participants who apply to become part of any program operated by Kalola Botanicals can be removed from the program without notice or reason, including but not limited to behaviors by the individual that are seen by the Government of Canada as illegal. Should this occur, the individual(s) will not be guaranteed any rewards given or pending,and will receive immediate termination from the program. By signing up for the Ambassador program, every participant, and or guardian or parent of an underage participant, hereby acknowledges these terms and agrees to abide by them.

USER CONTENT: As an Ambassador of Kalola Botanicals. you grant Kalola Botanicals license to use the materials posted by you, as an Ambassador, relating to Kalola Botanicals’ Product and or Kalola Botanicals’ Programs. Any material, which falls under these terms, can be used by Kalola Botanicals for the company’s personal social media posts, websites or any other forms of promotion, advertising and or recognition. By posting and or sharing any information and or pictures on social media the participating individual, agrees to give Kalola Botanicals the license to use and to share any such posts that includes Kalola Botanicals’ products, logo, or references Kalola Botanicals’ products or programs. Individuals who participate in Kalola Botanicals’ program(s) agree not to create or post any content that consists of downloading, uploading, displaying, and or distributing any content that can be seen as obscene, pornographic, offensive, unlawful, threatening, fraudulent, infringing of other’s copyrights, or is harassing in any way. Participants are not to harass others with spam mail, contests, junk mail, and unsolicited messages in order to promote Kalola Botanicals’ product, promotions and or programs.

PAYMENTS: All payments are made to Ambassadors from Kalola Botanicals Inc. through the use of E-TRANSFER. If anAmbassador does not have a E_TRANSFER account, they will not qualify for any rewards implied and or promised. If an Ambassador does not accept a reward gifted to them through E_TRANSFER within the required amount of time, as specified by E_TRANSFER, then they thereby will be seen as refusing the reward and will not qualify to receive the payment. If an Ambassador does not have or does not wish to acquire a E_TRANSFER account they will not qualify for any rewards implied and or promised.

MODIFICATIONS: Kalola Botanicals INC. reserves the right to modify this agreement, with or without notice to participants. This right carries over to any modifications that can be made to the Ambassador program, with or without the participants being notified.

By joining Kalola Botanicals’ Ambassador program as a participant, or on behalf of a participant who does not fulfill the legal age requirement to participate, you hereby acknowledge the binding aspect of this agreement and acknowledge that you have read and understood all of its terms and conditions. By submitting an application, you hereby acknowledge that you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.