Glow Herbal Facial Steam

The Body Bar

Our herbal facial steam brings a soothing atmosphere to your skin & soul. Nourish the skin with moringa, strawberry leaves and orange pieces, leaving the skin bright and rejuvenated. Our herbal facial steams calm the mind while cleansing deep into the pores, prepping the skin for further treatment.

Directions: 1 TBS into a bowl. Pour 4-6 cups of hot, steaming water over the herbal blend and stir. Let sit covered for 5+ minutes. Sit at a table before the bowl and let it cool briefly. Drape a large towel over your head, catching the rising steam as it bathes your face for 10 minutes. Then wash, rinse, and apply your favourite toner & hydrator. Repeat weekly.

Ingredients: Moringa + Strawberry leaves, Orange pieces, Cinnamon, Dandelion leaves, Safflower petals

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Type: Tea