Essential Oils For Grief

by Carol Barrett August 06, 2019

Essential Oils For Grief

After the recent death of my mother, I started looking for ways to soothe the pain I was experiencing, and it makes sense to me to turn to essential oils as it is my go-to and it was my mothers also.  Grief is something that we all experience at one time or another. It seems that the words loss and grief are tied together. Grief has many faces. Loss of a loved one, loss of a pet, loss of a friendship, loss of a relationship, loss of a job… loss of anything important to you. When we are in grief, we usually feel it in our heart, and so it makes sense that the most affected chakra is the heart chakra. We hear people say my heart hurts; my heart has been ripped open, my heart is empty.  Essential oils can provide a great sense of support and relief when we are grieving. Despite what some may think there is not an oil that works for all grief and everyone.
The first thing to do is to look at the cause of grief. Grief over the loss of a mother is different than loss over a job. So we always look at the vibrational relationship for the grief when choosing essential oils to help.  Here are some (just a few of the many) oils that we find to be helpful and supportive through the grief process. We have listed the oil and the primary emotional support that it offers.
Melissa:  First oil to look to for shock or trauma.   This oil is calming and sedating.
Laurel Leaf:  This oil provides courage and protection.
Neroli:   An antidepressant, and it offers strong emotional support.
Rose: This is the choice of oil for grief. Effective for PTSD. Sense of love and mothering. Very reparative to the heart and heart chakra.
Patchouli: This oil helps with Bereavement and depression.
Cape Chamomile:  A beautiful oil that is calming but also uplifting.
Rosemary: Helps with depression, confusion, and lethargy.
Cinnamon Bark: This oil helps with anger associated with grief.
Helichrysum:  Helps with healing the wounds that caused the grief.
Lavender:  This oil offers all-around comfort.
Tangerine:  Offers hope and reconnection to joy.
Rhododendron:  Assists us in getting out our way and connecting to spirit family.
Cedarwood:  Helps with a feeling of anchoring and finding your footing.
Cypress: Helps with transitioning during the grief process.

As far as the method of application, that depends on you. For emotional issues diffusing or using an “aroma stick” (nasal inhaler) is optimum. This is because the sense of olfaction is a direct link to the cerebral cortex and limbic system. I find it helpful to apply to my pulse points for soothing throughout the day.  However, you wish to use your oils. I hope they give you comfort.

Carol Barrett
Carol Barrett


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