Kalola Botanical Natural Perfume & Cologne

by Carol Barrett August 19, 2017

Kalola Botanical Natural Perfume & Cologne

Celebrating the release of our natural perfume collection at our Store and Spa.

Botanical perfumery has been replaced with synthetics over the last century, which lacks the depth, emotional benefits, and balance that real plant life possesses. For Kalola Botanicals Women perfume revives these nearly forgotten essences with carefully selected plant extractions sourced from around the world. We seek the finest ingredients, usually from sustainably wild-harvested and organic crops, and we support ethically produced and harvested materials. Natural perfumes are much different to wear than what you will find at a headache-inducing commercial perfume counter. These essences meld with your body chemistry and stay close to the skin. Only you and those you embrace will be aware that you are wearing it. If you are normally "allergic" to perfume, you are likely reacting to the unlisted chemicals that are hidden inside synthetic fragrances. The pure botanical perfumes that we create are safer, more satisfying to the senses, and have subtle healing properties (aromatherapy) that your mind and body will love. Our perfumes also do not contain chemicals to make them last all day, as synthetics do. Instead, the scent wears off in about 3-6 hours and can be re-applied throughout the day as a sensory ritual. This allows the opportunity to reflect and appreciate the moment, connect with nature through its true essences, and experience the perfume’s evolution in intervals each day.


Bella Donna

Scent Notes:  Bella Donna is a soft floral reminiscent of the blossom-filled air after a spring rain. Custom blended with subtle notes of gardenia rose, and peony followed by with a hint of Jasmine. 

If the scent memory of springtime blossoms beckon to you, Life may be telling you to get outside and enjoy yourself, take an unplanned vacation, trust in romance or just to nurture your heart.

Benefits:  The ingredients in Bella Donna are known to strengthen and balance the Heart and Throat Chakras.


Scent notes  A green, fresh fragrance that teases with the tang of pink grapefruit laced with the deeper, luscious zest of Japanese Yuzu - a uniquely complex citrus that imparts nuances of green lime and powdery bergamot. The blend draws lasting power from aromatic woods of cypress and juniper.

Benefits:  The ingredients of Rainforest are reputed to support the solar plexus chakra - the energy center that handles digestion, elevates confidence and may help to reduce stress.


Scent notes is an exclusive musky scent that is made up of several essences featuring those such as pepper, Sandalwood, Bourbon, Tabacco, Oak and French green Moss. It can transform into each man that spritzes themselves, creating a personalized signature scent.  The scent is equally suited to women and men

Benefits:  The ingredients of Cabin are reputed to support the throat chakra - the energy center that inspires us to speak our truth, share our voice and live our dream.


Scent notes  A fresh, touch of pineapple lily, jasmine and summer roses fragrant blended with an uplifting citrus and spice. Think warm liquid sunshine and fresh Mediterranean air

Benefits:  The ingredients of Lucille are reputed to support the solar plexus chakra - the energy center that influences energy, inspires you to take a risk and to release stress.




Carol Barrett
Carol Barrett


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